Pietramala – Chronicles from an abandoned village

Pietramala – Chronicles from an abandoned village is a soundwalk, an audio-guided story, that brings you to the discovery of one the many abandoned villages of Calabria.
Accompanied by Aunt Rosa, one of the last residents of the village, you will go up and down the old city of Cleto, walking through its alleys and stairways, unfolding the last 70 years of its history, years that have changed the face of Cleto’s community forever.
Pietramala is the old name that many elders still use today to refer to this tiny village in Cosenza’s inland.
At the eyes of the adventurers who, crossing the Tirrenic coast, decide to climb up the hills full of olive trees to reach it, this old medieval village looks like a long line of houses that slips smoothly along a limestone ridge. To the ones who stay there, walking through its historical centre, the village looks empty and lifeless.
The abandonment started in the recent history, the last 70 years. A story of hunger, emigration and job seeking, but also of misrule and patronage. A story that is only waiting for ears ready to listen.

A soundwalk is a moving audio-story, therefore, to listen to Pietramala – Chronicles from an abandoned village (in ITA), you have to:
-have headphones and a smartphone with data traffic or ask in advance mp3 players prepared by Associazione La Piazza (+39 3898789518 / info@cletofestival.com);
-be at the bottom of Cleto historical centre in this exact point, once you are there you just have to press play.

Production: Echis – Incroci di suoni & Associazione La Piazza
With the voice of: Fiorella Caputo, Carolina Pagliaro, Salvatore Mendicino, Antonia Cuglietta, Angelina Caputo, Mario Montuoro, Giuseppe Caputo, Carola Nicastro, Marco Stefanelli, Ivan Arella, Debora Caputo, Leopoldo Puteri, Vincenzo Lepore, Maria Nicastro, Ginevra Sammartino
And testimonies from: Fiorina Bernardo, Angelina e Giuseppe Caputo, Antonia Cuglietta, Luisa Falcone, Salvatore Mendicino, Mario Montuoro, Carola, Corrado, Giuseppe e Maria Nicastro, Carolina e Maria Pagliaro, Luigi Pellegrini, Rosanna Santoro, and of all the residents met among the squares and alleys of the village.
Text and sound: Marco Stefanelli