Poveri NT: Aspiradio project lands in Switzerland

Poveri N.T. (Poor Neuro Typicals) is the audio-documentary realized by Cristina Magrini and Echis based on the material recorded with the project Aspiradio in 2016.

Broadcasted on Rete UNO of RSI (Radio Svizzera Italiana) on 3rd of September, Poveri N.T. is the story of a swim teacher, Cristina, and her relationship with neurotypicals.

Listen to the intro of Poveri NT (ITA)


For her neurotiypicals (people who, according to Oxford dictionary “do not have thoughts or behaviours typical of people with autism or other disorders) often interact in a weird way. Sometimes, thinking about the “unsaid” and all the complications that govern their social relationships, she sighs “poor NT”.

Poveri NT is an audio-documentary of Andrea Cocco and Cristina Magrini, with the voices of Donatella Franciosi, Matteo Capponi, Elena Tomei, Martina Maugeri, Marco Sinitti, Giovanni Grossi, Marzia Coronati, Marco Stefanelli.