Pelé, Dakar and the Feint

Pelè, Dakar and the feint is an audio-documentary realized by Andrea Cocco in partnership with Echis, for Radio Svizzera Italiana. Generated by a journey in Senegal, through its myths and stories, it narrates the memories of those who remember that time, in 1996 in Dakar, when they saw Pelè playing a match against the Senegalese national team.

Every day, from 4pm, the beaches, long stripes of sand surrounding Dakar, turns into an endless soccer field. The space is enormous but the fields are so close to each other it can happen that two goalkeepers, from two different games, share the same goal post.

To listen Pelé, Dakar and the feint (in ita) CLICK HERE

The Italian voices are Marco Stefanelli, Marcello Anselmo, Fabio Colaneri, Ciro Colonna and Nerina Schiavo.
A special thanks to Graphoui, Ebe Giovannini and Lamine Touré.