Aspiradio – Workshop on autism

Aspiradio is an audio auto-biographical workshop directed at people with Asperger syndrome, realized between March and November 2016 by AMISnet in partnership with Gruppo Asperger LazioAspergerpride, Radio Beckwith and Echiswith the support of Otto Per Mille della Chiesa Valdese.
In 12 meetings we explored the subject of passion in its different aspects: love, relationships, interests of the young participants.
It was a way of telling about themselves and to talk about the autistic spectrum, the neuro-diversity that exists hidden in our society. It was, also, a collective investigation that brought the participants to meet -amongst the other- : a manager who decided to ban slot machines from his bar, a couple from Bangladesh who got married thanks to social networks, a retired Italian teacher who does not shy away from telling what love is for her.
Aspieradio allowed the realization of other activities as well, among which: media monitoring on the themes of autism and Asperger syndrome; a series of information meetings in the schools; setting up of a radio mobile studio at MAXXI during the As Film Festival.

Neurodiversity and Passion (ITA):