Reportage, stories, soundwalks, broadcasts, audio installations, postcards and soundscapes. Our documentaries and productions are the result of precise choices: sound distillates, interviews, music and stories.We want to collect and tell stories, follow memory’s routes in order to take back our present, lift the carpets to discover the realities hidden underneath and then give back to the listeners the words and the results of our encounters and investigations.
Make yourselves comfortable and start listening to our many productions.

Poveri NT – 2017
Smuggling poetry – 2017
Pelè, Dakar and the Faint – 2017
Terragiusta – 2017
Geography of the Little Finger – 2017
Pietramala – 2017
Guide Invisibili – 2017
Go for granitsa – 2016
Radio Broadcasts
The Third Drum – 2017
Goodmorning Somalia – 2017
Audio Installations
ClanDESTINI – 2015/2016